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Light-Industry Machinery Manufacturer In China
As a professional light-industry machinery manufacturer, we can provide solutions for R&D, design, manufacturing, and installation of a variety of production lines and machinery. Our primary products include: milk and beverage machinery, stainless steel tanks, pasteurizers and UHT sterilizers, CIP cleaning equipment, evaporators and concentrating equipment, conveyors and lifters, washing equipment; pulping breaking machines, etc.

Our equipment is commonly used in the production of various kinds of dairy foods and juices, such as: milk, flavored milk, buttermilk, yogurt, ice cream, butter, soy milk, tea, energy drinks, and so on.

In order to ensure quality, we have adopted the most advanced technologies in designing and manufacturing our dairy machinery, and we give special attention to our quality control and maintaining food safety. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards for hygiene, and they have received the quality management system certification.

Located in Shanghai, China, we have the advantage of convenient transportation, which enables us to provide our products at competitive prices.

We believe that with our advanced technology and equipment, as well as our experienced staff, we can provide the best services and products to you.

If you want to learn more, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Hot Products
    1. Milk and Beverage MachineryOur milk and beverage machinery is a kind of milk and juice production line which can be used to produce various kinds of dairy products and juice, such as pure milk, flavored milk, sour milk, yogurt, ice cream, butter, soy milk, tea drinking, energy drinking and so on.
    1. Dairy MachineryOur dairy machinery is a kind of milk and juice production line that can be applied to produce pure milk, flavored milk, sour milk, yogurt, milk drinking, ice cream and butter, etc.
    1. Juice Production LineThe fruit juice production line designed by our company is capable of producing all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices. The machinery is carefully designed to ensure that the end-product is of high quality. Examples of fruits that are suitable for processing include apples, pawpaw, sea buckthorn, tomatoes, Chinese date, ...
    1. Aseptic Tubular UHT SterilizerAseptic Tubular UHT sterilizer is used to perform continuous sterilization on juice and beverage, milk, and similar products. It can be connected with homogenizer and degasser for different hot processing on the liquid foods and beverage. ...
    1. Falling Film Evaporating MachineDual-& triple-purpose falling film evaporating machine is usually used for low temperature concentration in many industries, such as dairy, glucose, starch, pharmacy, chemicals, biochemical project, environmental protection project, and waste liquid recycle.         
    1. Ferment Growing Tank, Fermentation TankFerment growing tank and fermentation tank is made of imported SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.
      Ferment growing tank can be used for bacterium seeding cultivating and to make zymogene for yogurt.
      Fermentation tank is a stainless steel tank used for mechanical blending and fermentation. It can also mix all kinds of dairy products. ...