Milk Production Line
Milk Production Line

Milk Production Line

The whole milk production line consists of the following units:
1. Milk Reception or Powder Dissolving Mixing Section
2. Mixing and Sugar Melting Section
3. Pasteurizer and Homogenizer
4. Milk Storage or Yogurt Producing Unit
5. Filling or Packing Unit
6. CIP Cleaning Systems
7. After Treatment Equipment, like conveyor, package or pallet, etc.
8. There are other assistant equipments used such as steam boilers, air compressor, cold water unit, etc.
9. Installation materials for the process pipline, utility pipeline as well as electrical installation are provided.

Specifications of milk production line
Capacity of plant: 2T-300T/D.
Products type: 1 or 2 or more kinds.
Filling types can be decided by the customer then designed accordingly.
Our company can design customized milk production lines in accordance to the customers' requirements.

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