Tomato Paste Production Line
Tomato Paste Production Line

Tomato Paste Production Line

As a kind of seasoning, tomato paste is widely used for cooking. Tomato paste production line is used to produce high quality tomato paste for use in restaurants, snack bars, etc.

The tomato paste production process includes washing, choosing, extracting, etc.

First, the fruits should be washed by using different washing machine according to different fruits and vegetables.

Then the bad ones should be picked out, to make sure that the fruits to be processed are of good quality. Those good ones are extracted by juice extracting equipment.

The fruit pulping machine is the main equipment in this production line which is responsible for extracting the pulp and juice from the fruits.

Then the juice is pasteurized and further processed to make tomato paste.

The processing equipment include fruit conveyor (elevator), fruit washing equipment, choosing equipment, pulping breaking machine, cup type extractor, etc.

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