Sterilized Milk Production Line
Sterilized Milk Production Line

Sterilized Milk Production Line

1. The investment on production equipment can be greatly saved. The sterilized milk production line can meet all the needs of milk production, and there is no need of purchasing the High pressure steam boiler or oil-less air compressor extra.
2. The Low energy consumption and stable operation is realized by our creative, unique technique that using the conduction oil as the heating medium. This technique is much superior and economical than the traditional type that using the steam as the heating medium. One the other hand, the temperature of conduction oil is easier to be handled than the UHT steam, for the pressure of steam is hard to be controlled, and can influence the temperature to a great extent.
3. Little maintenance cost is possible. The high quality devices within the milk production line have little chance to break down, and the supplement of conduction oil can be done once every three years.
4. Automation brings the precise operation. The UHT instant pre-production sterilization and the mid-production sterilization can be done by PLC. The heating rate curve is smooth, and the heating result is terrific.
5. High degree commercial sterilization requirement can be met. The whole milk production line is kept within a sterilized environment.
6. Along with the product is our turnkey service. We will take responsibility to finish the installation of all the devices within our manufacturing line, involving the UHT tubular instant sterilization machine, sterilization composite membrane packing machine, high pressure homogenizer, and so on.

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