Fruit, Vegetable Conveyer and Lifter(Elevator)

    1. Clapboard Elevator As a fruit, vegetable conveyor and lifter supplier, we can provide gradient clapboard elevator and horizontal clapboard elevator ...
    1. Spiral Conveyor As a professional fruit, vegetable conveyor and elevator manufacturer in China, we can provide horizontal spiral conveyor, gradient spiral conveyor ...
    1. Belt ConveyorOur belt conveyor can be used to choose and pick out fresh fruits and vegetables by manual ...
    1. Belt Conveyor The belt conveyor is dedicated to materials conveying. The materials after fed from the inlet will drop onto the ...
    1. Rubber Belt ConveyorModel:TD75-B500
      Rotation Speed:0.8-2.5r/min
    1. Belt Conveyor MachineConveying length (m) :10
      Conveyor width (mm) :500-800
      Conveyor speed (m/s) :0.8~1.6
    1. Belt ConveyorModel:TD75-B500/TD75-B650
      Belt Width (mm):500 /650
      Belt Speed (m/s):0.8-2/0.8-1.6
    1. Belt ConveyorWidth (mm):400/500/650
      Capacity (t/h):40~80 /40~80/131~323
      Speed (m/s):1.3~1.6/1.3~1.6/1.3~1.6
    1. Belt ConveyorBelt Width(mm):400/500/650
      Conveying Speed(m/s) :1.25-2.0 /1.25-2.0 /1.25-2.0
    1. Belt Conveyor B.ST-A, B, C, DThe length of the belt can be customized to meet specific requirement. The desk surface is made by stainless steel ...

Fruit,vegetable conveyor and lifter (elevator)
Fruit, vegetable conveyor and lifter are designed to facilitate the washing of many types of fruits and vegetables in bulk. They are able to carry out this task to products that float or sink in water. The various kinds of fruit & vegetable conveyors that are available include the clapboard elevator, spiral conveyor, and belt conveyer.

The fruit and vegetable elevators are responsible for the elevation and discharge of fruits or vegetables from one process to another. Conveyors are used to convey various kinds of material depending on the design adopted.

Belt conveyors are specially designed to convey materials such as bulk material or material in powder form. They are suitable for applications that involve conveying material across long distances.

Fruit and vegetable lifters/elevators come in different designs such as belt, bucket, vertical, bag, inclined, and pan elevators. They carry out the task of lifting material to specific heights in the production process. They may be used to feed the fruits or vegetables to the extraction or cutter machines.

They type of fruit or vegetable conveyor and elevator used will depend on the kind of operation being carried out.